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How to Teach a Toddler to Swim in 5 Easy Steps

How to Teach a Toddler to Swim in 5 Easy Steps

One of the basic skills you would want to teach your toddler would be to swim.

Just when you thought it is pretty easy to teach your toddler how to swim, it can get a little complicated at times for parents to teach your toddlers or kids swimming lessons without expert help.

Don’t worry as we have assembled all the steps you need to follow in order to make it easy on your toddler.

The last thing you would want to happen is to give your kid a hard time.

Here is how to teach a toddler to swim in 5 easy steps that you must do right away:

Play First

Before doing the actual swimming, spend some quality time … Read More

4 Keys To A Healthy Mom Work-Life Balance

As a mom, you rock. Your kiddos love you, they’re fed and clothed and cuddled. You kick butt as a professional, too. But while you’re busy being the best mom ever, who’s taking care of you? If secretly your multiple worlds collide and collapse over each other sometimes, you’re not alone.

That’s right, most of us struggle with mom work-life balance.

It’s nothing to be ashamed of. I find myself riding on the struggle bus sometimes, wondering how in the world I’m supposed to fit an entire day’s duties in 24-hours and still keep track of my own needs. As a mom of one, I’m in awe of moms who do this juggling act with multiple kids.

After an especially … Read More

11 Tips to Clean A Soiled Mattress

Mattresses cost a lot of money. So when it gets soiled, you don’t have to buy a new one, you just need to clean it.

Mattresses need to be aired and cleaned regularly to prevent dust mites and dead skin cells (ewwww!) from building up. These can aggravate allergies and generally interfere with us getting a good sleep.

Mattresses also get a bit on the nose after a while from sweat and various other bodily fluids (again, ewww!).

Plus, the joys of becoming a parent, there is a good chance the mattress you sleep on will have children in there from time to time… who have accidents. Here are some tips to help keep your mattress in top condition to … Read More

5 Transition Skills for Kids

Whether it’s moving, changing to a new activity, or heading back to school, change is hard. These transition skills for kids and parents help a lot!

Within the past year our family moved to a new house and we traveled within three different countries. In a few weeks, my four kids start a new school year. We are incredibly fortunate that these are all very positive changes and transitions in our lives, but change can still be hard! Today I’m sharing simple ways to build transition skills and make it easier for kids to cope with change in their lives.

When Change is Hard: 5 Transition Skills for Kids

Are you raising a child who struggles with change and transitions? … Read More

It is Time to Color Your Business

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5 Parenting Tips To Help Your Child Get More Exercise

Was parenting easier forty years ago?

As a mom in the new millennium, I dream about the idea of parenting in a world where streets are safe and parents can let their children run freely through the neighborhood, their bodies naturally challenged with the exercise of play.

Instead today, before the slam of the car door fades and the backpack drops on the floor, the TV is switched on and the last few hours of daylight disappear in a haze of video games and over processed snack foods.

Even the concerned, well-meaning parent can often stand helpless, wondering how to compete against marketing genius and instant gratification. Exercise and carrot sticks have a hard time competing with Xboxes, SpongeBob and … Read More